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The press wrote...   

“This is a perfectly rounded cd. It contains a richness in the detail and a diversity which is seldom found in publications of our time...”

Tomas Dalgaard in the newspaper Arbejderen on 19 January 2007


“Gimo Mendes unites Spanish and African music traditions in a seducing, melancolic and ambient universe...”

Marcus Winther-John in the music magazine Musikeren nr 9 in September 2007


“A Luz is a positive and pleasant acquiantance.”

Steffen Lange in the newspaper Midtjyllands Avis on 29 June 2007


“Wonderful African tones. The songs are like the quiet sound of the sea waves and give you a feeling that they could go on forever...”

Steen Rasmussen in the newspaper Jyske Vestkysten on 18 June 2007


“His album has a delightful flow. It is beautiful music with good melodies which succesfully creates a balance between the discrete percussion and the flowing guitars...”

Torben Holleufer in the music magazine Gaffa on 13 May 2007

Front cover of the magazine Djembe, no 60, May 2007

Six pages in the magazine
[here in English translation].


The Sun Times, 19 August 1989


Desafi, 5 November 2001

         Arbejderen, 19 January 2007

                 Most of these reviews are in Danish language.
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Aarhus Stiftstidende, October 2001


Værkavisen, 1995



Århus Onsdag, January 2003