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 ________________ Gimo Mendes: exciting projects and journeys

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17 November 2013
New album • Gimo Mendes proudly presents his new album ‘Melo Tomorrow’

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23 February 2011
Roots 2 • During two weeks in january 2011, Gimo Mendes and Lars E. Christiansen from World Music Center (WMC) worked in Mozambique with the five teacher teams in workshops, teaching cases and dialogues.

The teachers learned different songs, rhythms and melodies which are relevant to their future meeting with school children in Mozambique. Through teaching cases they learned different methods to get a pedagogical successful result. For instance what key to sing in and what range of tonality you can expect when you are teaching children.

We also discussed the importance of teaching music in relation to a visible pulse, just to mention one of many things and situations.

To keep the musical focus on traditional music and dance WMC had engaged two teachers from Companhia Nacional de Canto e Dança and another group named Tufo. They all contributed with a fantastic enthusiasm, and the young teachers learned some traditional songs, rhythms and dances.

Based on Gimo Mendes’ own experiences, he motivated and encouraged the young teachers to get organised and to create projects, concerts, workshops and networks especially in Mozambique.

We also emphasized the importance that each of them should do their best to exploit their musical and pedagogical skills and personal talents, and to compose music and write songs in the tradition of Mozambique. We encouraged the young teachers to be ambitious in the field of teaching music.

Through the contacts of Gimo Mendes we had a fine press coverage, which has been invaluable to the project. We were interviewed by newspapers like Noticias de Moçambique and the Radio Moçambique.

Evaluering og samarbejde
Mozambique needs music teachers that are specially qualified in teaching music to children in a pedagogical and interactive way. With this project WMC has shown that musicians can be trained to teach at schools. And the children will get music training with traditional instruments, songs and dance. To work with this group of 10 musicians with so much talent, creativity and energy has been a pleasure. They have received the Roots Project with great enthusiasm and made it possible to become a success.


19 January 2010
In cooperation with the Viborg School of Music, Gimo Mendes coordinates a workshop for music school teachers and older students on 20 January 2010. Gimo Mendes has brought together three talented artists from two continents: "Modou" Traore from Senegal, Jomo Silveira and "Jiló" Pereira, both from Brazil. All three are profesional choreographers and percussionists.

All participants can look forward to three very exciting and intense workshops.

Later the same day can all look forward to the first 2010 concert with a well prepared and enthusiastic Gimo Mendes Band. After practicing hard we warmly to share your music out and give everyone a fantastic concert experience.


10 November 2009
Gimo Mendes has brought together a group of unique and powerful musicians from home and abroad who are engaged in preparing a series of concerts in 2010.

Meanwhile, Gimo Mendes has started to prepare new songs for his next album, which is also expected to be ready in 2010. This will be his most powerful album to date.

The concert series, which takes place both in Denmark and Mozambique, will further the artistic and cultural bridge Gimo Mendes has helped to launch in recent years in Mozambique. The tour will be named 'Ponte', and the first concert is part of the opening of the Salaam Film Festival in Aalborg (see: salaam.dk).

Gimo Mendes says: "My music belongs in the places where people meet, where ideas grow, where we cross-culturally can create understanding, development, new options, a sense of togetherness and a positive atmosphere.


21 June 2009
Gimo Mendes has spent the last two years travelling to and from Moçambique, where he has not only consulted, but also served under both an advisory and teaching capacity for several exciting projects namely:

• WORLD MUSIC CENTER: a side project under the heading “Roots” which deals with creating an understanding of the values of traditional Moçambiquan music and bringing it to the fore within the music school. Gimo Mendes’ latest trip deals with trying to bring more musicians into the project and educate them in assimilating the music into the teaching in the music school and in September 2009 the first attempt at this will be evaluated in the form of the school holding several concerts.

• The Rhythmic Music Conservatory in Aarhus has taken the initiative towards a cooperative project between conservatoriums in 10 different countries in Scandinavia and Africa. The Glomus project will have its first campus in Ilha de Moçambique in August of 2009. Here students will be able to meet for workshops, idea-exchanging and networking. Gimo Mendes says, “I am very proud that the first campus will be in Ilha de Moçambique. Apart from being the region where I grew up, the area has a large historical importance and contains a wealth of music and musicians.”.

• One of Gimo’s oldest visions is becoming a reality in the form of a mutually beneficial project between the Danish embassy in Moçambique and the women in Ilha de Moçambique; to create and support development for the 10 traditional women’s groups who have carried the traditional Tofu music from the area through the generations. Unfortunately, time has not been on the women’s side as they have only been able to cater to the occasional tourist or VIP party. Economically, they have been unable to support their music as a lot of their time has gone into supporting their families.
This project will open up new possibilities for them, financially, and allow them to strengthen the development of their strong music and dancing traditions. “I am very grateful for the strong warmth and support I have been met with from the side of the Danish ambassador, Johnny Flentø.”, says Gimo Mendes.

• In the spring of 2009, Gimo Mendes took part in the UNESCO project, Education For All, which was held in Denmark under the auspices of IBIS entitled Hele verden i skole (The World in School). Together with the amazing and talented children and teachers at St. Anna’s school, he was in charge of the launch concert at Christiansborgs Slotsplads (King Christian IV’s palace). See photos here.

• As chairman of Artists Take Action, Gimo Mendes stated in January of 2009 that the ongoing effort in Denmark to collect hospital equipment and school supplies is starting to bear fuit; a container loaded with said supplies was gratefully received by the citizens of Ilha de Moçambique, preceding a range of festivities for that day.


 ________________ 6 June 2009
The organisers of the yearly event Celebrate Africa announced that Gimo Mendes was nominated for a ‘Best African Achievements Award’. The award show will be held on the 3rd of October at the Radisson SAS Falconer Hotel in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The organisers wrote to Gimo Mendes, “We are hereby honoured to inform you that you are one of the nine nominees in the category Best African Artist in Denmark for 2009. This is due to your dedication and effort to promote Africa through music and entertainment. You are truly a role model for all of us; keep up the good work.”.
The public will be able to vote at www.celebrateafrica.dk, and the three finalists will be announced six weeks before the show at a VIP reception at the Radisson SAS Hotel. The overall winner be announced during the show and he/she will receive an award for their work.
We hope to see you at the VIP reception and the Awards show to celebrate Africa. There will be a red carpet reception, welcome drinks, snacks, fashion show, live performances, and a great show full of surprises and music.”


22 November 2007
The song by Gimo Mendes entitled ‘500 Anos’ [pronounced: ‘Kinyentos aNOS’] won the prize as the “Danish World Track 2007” at the yearly Danish World Awards in Copenhagen Jazzhouse.

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‘Danish World Awards’

Gimo Mendes: ‘Creativity rocks!’

2007 was a landmark year for the Denmark-based music star of Mozambique

As it turned out, it was an outstanding flow of events. Gimo Mendes published a new album in Denmark which received remarkably positive reviews in the Danish press. Half a year later, he received an award for the first track on the album, ‘500 Anos’, which a jury had selected as the best ‘World Music Song of the Year’ in Denmark in 2007. And within just a few months he got 3,500 new friends on MySpace.com where the song can be downloaded in full length free of charge.

Furthermore, this was the year where Gimo Mendes founded an association and a network of artists, ‘Artists Take Action’, to support artists and people in need in his home country. He had discovered the power of creativity and how creativity had become not only a buzz-word, but – according to the Confederation of Danish Industries – a cornerstone in the economy of the Danish society. From events, people and thoughts expressed in Denmark, Gimo Mendes got the vision that what is needed concerning the economic development of Mozambique is not aid in the shape of a transfer of technology, material goods or money – but simply creativity, and not to mention: freedom to create.
Which is why he is now focused on initiating projects and events in Denmark and in Mozambique which will make creativity blossom.

2007 was also the year in which Gimo Mendes married his partner in life, Lotte, and they celebrated their border-crossing love with a great wedding party in their home town, Århus.


21 July 2010
Letter of recommendation from World Music Center

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27 October 2009
Letter of recommendation from the Royal Academy of Music

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24 April 2009
Thank you letter from the Danish organisation IBIS and the Whole World in School campaign

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11 February 2009
Thank you letter from the Department of Education, youth, Technology and Health on Ilha de Mozambique.

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18 March 2008
The cultural organisation Passo a Passo appoints Gimo Mendes as its 'Good Will Ambassador'

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29 August 2007
Gimo Mendes has been nominated as an ambassador in Denmark for the Mozambique Union of Journalists.

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29 August 2007
The Mozambique Union of Journalists offers to co-operate with the network Artists Take Action.

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24 July 2007
The Ministry of Culture and Education in Mozambique has issued a ‘Carta Abonatória’ (Letter of Warranty) for Gimo Mendes. A ‘letter of warranty’ in this case means ‘a personal and specific recommendation given by an authority’ to Gimo Mendes and his activities promoting culture and society of Mozambique.

Here is a translation of the letter:

República de Moçambique
Ministério da Educação e Cultura
Direcção Nacional da Cultura

Letter of Warranty

The cultural policy and strategies for their implementations stimulate the participation of the civil society in cultural life, creation of infrastructures for this purpose, aid, organisation and financing of cultural programmes as well as they make of the arts culture an instrument in the promotion of welfare and economic and social development.

The initiatives for fundraising and investments for the cultural area and others within the social field fit into this context.

In this way, and in order to contact the various interested national and international entities, the present aims at dignifying and granting Mr. Abdul Remane António Mendes (or simply Gimo Mendes),

Av. 24 de Julho n° 167-14° Andar - Tel. 21.490268 – Caixa Postal n° 34. drosario(a)mec.gov.mz MAPUTO