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Tour info concerning 2009 – in either Word or PDF format


Gimo Mendes is presently rehearsing for his Summer 2016 tour.
Denmark-based music star of Mozambique is preparing to perform live at festivals around Europe and in Africa.

Contact Gimo and Charlotte Mendes for more information, booking and price

E-mail: gimo.mendes [AT] hotmail.com
Tel: +45 4094 7478 or tel: +45 6127 8619

Gimo Mendes – live concerts

Book a performance with the Denmark-based music star of Mozambique

During 2007-2008 Gimo Mendes gathered a new band of excellent Danish and African musicians, and they are presently preparing to go on tour to perform with Gimo Mendes’ songs in the period from 1st of June to 1st of September 2009.

The band consists of seven members:

The show consists of a 70-minutes flow of 12 songs in which audience participation plays an important role. Gimo Mendes is well-known for his ability to communicate with his audience, musically as well as personally, and together with his orchestra

The music of Gimo Mendes is not what people typically would expect from an African artist. This is primarialy emotional, poetic, romantic, and ambient music, and a beautiful concert experience which has often been known to bring tears out among its audience, regardless whether the language of his lyrics are understood or not. Not because the music is sad, but because of its beauty which speaks straight to the heart.

The 53-year-old singer has lived in Denmark several years, keeping a relatively low public profile while teaching music and establishing a family. Earlier he was known for his work with Peter Gabriel and Real World, resulting in extensive touring in the end of the 1980’s, and he has also been touring with the Danish singer Niels Hausgaard.